Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you our newest feature, a weekly blog series that will provide a hands-on focus on filaments and the optimal way to utilize them. As many of you already know, the primary goal of is to provide an all-encompassing 3D printing filament database and interactive community, and we feel that the next logical step in our progression is to launch an informative blog.

Unlike most other 3D printing blogs and news sites, the blog will combine actual experimentation with our vast knowledge of the filament industry, and will further help our users to optimize the use of their 3D printer and corresponding materials. Although our database showcases the latest trends and most up-to-date information on the wide range of filaments and producers, we are well aware of the complexities that come with the varying properties of 3D printing filaments, especially when the maker is aiming for a very specific application. Therefore, we will be conducting weekly tests, speaking to all of the top filament producers, and diving headfirst into the vastly unknown world of desktop 3D printing.

From breaking down the pigments that make each colored filament unique, to the effect that your slicer has on the outcome of your print, our goal is to keep our users informed and ensure that their 3D prints are of the highest quality. In an industry that is mostly without norms or guidelines, it’s ultimately up to us to figure out how to optimize the 3D printing experience. We will collaborate with some of the most respected writers in the 3D printing industry and the most popular filament producers to ensure that our content is both intriguing and informative.

Check in next week for our first official blog post, which will detail how to use RAL or PANTONE references when searching for a specifically colored filament. We’re looking forward to providing this important educational resource to our site, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. You can find us in person at the upcoming TCT Show in Birmingham from September 28 to 29, where we will be located at Stand H46F.

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