Back in October, Filaments.Directory launched the “Filament Settings” contest, a call for all FDM 3D printing users to enter their print settings for a chance to win a handful of exceptional prizes. Not only did the initiative offer 35 great prizes to the global 3D printing community, including Wanhao 3D printers and spools of filament from premium producers such as Colorfabb, Extrudr and Innofil, it also gave participants an opportunity to help build the largest source of print settings for FDM technology in the world.

After four weeks, the contest brought in nearly 500 participants to review filaments from 27 brands on 25 different 3D printer models. With an overall experience of 4.95/5 experience, the settings contest was an undeniable success for both and the 3D printing filament community. The 35 winners of the Filaments Settings contest have already received a congratulatory email.

contest winners

Wanhao :

  • Aria, Indonesia
  • Ian, United Kingdom

Colorfabb :

  • Chris, France
  • Amelie, France
  • Chris, United States
  • Guro, Norway
  • Brad, United States
  • Rodolphe, France
  • James, United Kingdom
  • Gonzalo, United States

Extrudr :

  • Lissa, United Kingdom
  • Damiel, Germany
  • Oliver, New Zealand
  • B., Italy
  • Herman, Indonesia
  • Ben, United Kingdom
  • Visioner, Finland
  • Richard, United Kingdom
  • Rien, Netherland
  • Laurent, France
  • Joe, United States
  • Edoardo, Italy
  • Mick, Australia
  • Louis-Philippe, Belgium
  • Veronica, Romania
  • Snezhina, Bulgaria
  • Oren, Israel
  • Bill, United States
  • Tom, Belgium
  • E., United Kingdom

Innofil :

  • Dennis, Germany
  • Lars, Belgium
  • Martyn, United Kingdom
  • Daniel, United States
  • Jorg, Sweden

Now that the contest is over, we plan to improve the user interface of our website and continue to work with the global 3D printing community to build the most comprehensive source of 3D printing settings. By the end of December 2016, the team plans to enhance the UI in the following ways:

  • 100% Mobile usability
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Improved visibility for print settings
  • Added wishlist
  • Exports to slicers
  • More pictures of prints
  • Greater ability to explore the pictures of the prints
  • Ranking for most tested brand and best rated brand
  • User scoreboard

Although the highly successful Filament Settings contest has already ended, the team will continue to focus on contructing an comprehensive database to help optimize the use of 3D printing materials. By collecting print settings from users across the world, we will be able to provide the 3D printing community with a filament database that will showcase the most popular and effective brands for each 3D printing purpose. Using the settings submitted by the vast number of contest participants, we were already able to discern the following information:

Be sure to continue adding your print settings to our growing database, and help play a major role in the construction of the largest 3D printing filament settings resource in the world!

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