April Trends.

This month was really intense on so many levels. We had a lot of meetings with companies in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Belgium in order to push the project forward. 

Many new features, articles and unique projects will be published before the end of June. Shhhh, it's a secret ;)

This month, a vibrant startup from Brussels, is our sponsor : Tridea.
They recycle PET bottles into filament. Recycling, however is not enough.
They wanted to turn these bottles into a better product than the raw material of which they were made.


They are giving away 13 prizes: 
- 3 winners will get one spool of rPET.
- 10 will receive a 50gr sample.

The rules are the same as usual:
Registration on the website = 1 chance to win!
Each print setting shared = 1 more chance to win!

The more you share, the more likely that you will win one of the 13 prizes.


There are new filaments available in March :
- 3D Fuel APLA+
- 19 new colors for various filaments for Plasty Mladec
- Proto Pasta HTPLAv3

Here are April's blog articles :
Filaments.directory Grows Into the Leading Resource for 3D Printing Materials (to be read on 3D printing business directory)

Why Investing in the 3D Printing Community is the Best Way to Push it Forward

We wish you a great week!


The Filaments.directory team.

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