May and June Trends.

We have worked a lot on the development of new features since the last newsletter:

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We have created a Smart 3D printed planter with Agustin Flowalistik instead of writing more blog articles. The goal is to create affordable and useful IOT products using 3D printing. We will publish more projects during the coming month. We hope you like these kind of projects. The next two will be useful for every 3D printer owner ;) Stay tuned !


Our sponsor for June is Trideus with Compost3D.

This filament is fully compostable in your own back yard. If you don’t need your prints anymore, or if you want to try something new, you can just throw them away. To compost, this filament needs 3 things: firstly the heat of the compost bin, secondly moisture and thirdly, the micro-organisms, which are in every compost bin.

More information about Compost3D can be found here:

We are giving away 13 prizes (7,5kg of filament in total! )

The rules are the same as usual:
Registration on the website = 1 chance to win!
Each print setting shared = 1 more chance to win!

The more you share, the more likely that you will win one of the 13 prizes.

A lot of new filaments are available on the market since the last newsletter, discover them all :


Here are April & May’s blog articles:


We wish you a great week !


The team.

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