July Trends.

We proudly announce the addition of mechanical properties in our search engine. The test are independent and done by Optimatter on 3D printed parts under the guidance of technical  Standard procedures.


In the 3D printing world, a lot of people do not fully understand the mechanical properties of filaments. 4Delta Education came to the rescue by creating videos explaining the core concepts.


4Delta Education have created an online training platform for people who want to master the latest vocational technological advances within the world of engineering. To date, they have created courses in Computer Aided Design and 3D Printing. 

As part of exciting collaboration with 4Delta Education you can now get 10% rebate using our link for their online courses.


We are now a member of Flam3D! Flam3D is a not-for-profit organisation representing over 70 Companies and Research Institutes in Belgium. Our goal is to promote all aspects of 3D printing and facilitate and support the creation of new value chains.

Our sponsor for June is 3dk.berlin :


3dk.berlin enhances the possibilities of standard 3D printers (FDM): With >>k-top<< - the new developed filament - prints are now temperature resistant up to 230 °C.

The material is suitable not only for building models and making things but also for industrial appliances such as small series, prototypes and tightly measured objects.The thermoplastic compound offers all new possibilities.

Volker Bernhardt, CEO of 3dk.berlin:
'Temperature resistant objects near motor compartments or hotends can be printed reliably now'.

As a big bonus, the new material is mechanically stronger than PLA or ABS.

We are giving away 5 spools.

The rules are the same as usual:
Registration on the website = 1 chance to win!
Each print setting shared = 1 more chance to win!

The more you share, the more likely that you will win one of the 5 prizes.

A lot of new filaments are available on the market since the last newsletter, discover them all:


We will publish print settings for the best filaments during all the summer holidays. Stay tuned.

We wish you a great week !


The Filaments.directory team.


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