August News.

It's time for me to take my holidays!  I will only be answering urgent emails and social media will be on auto pilot mode.

The good news is that the website never sleeps :) 

This month’s prizes come from Philament, the Hungarian filament producers, who focus on tailor-made filaments.


Their Philament Technical product line has been designed for special 3D printing purposes, among others, for industrial users.

These filaments are PLA-based, so they can be handled as easily as normal PLA.

For more information, please visit

They have provided the following prizes (750 gr spools each): 

1st prize : 2 spools Philament Model – The printed object looks like a gypsum model. Using this filament you will get an off-white, matt surface, so details will be clearly visible. The objects can be reshaped and painted. It can be used as a support as well, since it can be removed easily, and the fracture surface can be easily sanded.

2d prize : 1 spool Philament ESD – In some cases – e.g. in electronics industry – ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection is a must. Conductive filament has been developed for this purpose.  It contains carbon powder.

3rd prize : 1 spool Philament Heat Resistant - Objects printed using Philament Heat Resistant can bear a 130°C heat load after a heat treating at 80 and 100°C for 30-60min.

The rules are the same as usual:
Registration on the website = 1 chance to win!
Each print setting shared = 1 more chance to win!

The more you share, the more likely that you will win one of the 3 prizes.

Don't forget to discover 4 new filaments from those brands: 


So, time now to go for holidays and until then, happy printing !


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