December news.


We have already got around 155 participants for the Filament Survey 2018, and 
we can’t wait to share the results with you at the end of December;
so please, If you haven’t already taken part, we would be grateful if you would!
It takes in average 4min 35 sec to complete the survey.
You can also share the survey on social media. Thanks a lot!

Participate in the Filament Survey 2018

We have added around 3800 filaments from ColoriLAB to the website. 
So, if you need a specific color, there is a great chance to find it within the 8766 filaments on the website. You can search by RGB, RAL or Pantone. The closest filaments are shown first.


This month, the sponsor is eSUN.
They offer 3 spools of 1kg for the first prize, 2 spools for the second prize and 1 for the third prize. 

Participate in the contest

Discover the 5 new filaments in the trends :


We wish you a great 3D printing month ;-)


The team

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