Happy New Year !


For me, as for most people, today is a day of self-reflection and looking back at the past year while preparing for the upcoming 12 months. 2017 has been an exciting year for the Filaments.directory team, our members and for you - our partners.

We have more than doubled the number of filaments referenced.
As of now, we have 7700 followers on social media, newsletter recipients and members. 

So, what's next on Filaments.directory : 
- SEO improvements
- more ways to get print settings
- more ways to share informations
- more community tools
I will share more information when it is available ;-)

We had 236 responses for the filament survey 2018 :


If you haven’t responded yet, please do so. All the results will be shared on the blog.

Would you like to tell me what you would like to improve on Filaments.directory if you had a magic wand ? How can we help you this year ?


Our sponsor this month will rejoy those of you who love carbon fiber, metal filled filaments and as what can do more can do less all the filaments : 3DVerkstan

Established in 2013, Stockholm based 3DVerkstan has been a driving force of innovation in the professional desktop 3d printing segment. Apart from providing FFF and SLA printers from brands like Ultimaker and Formlabs, they provide a wide range of materials for as many needs. 

Last year, 3DVerkstan released a unique nozzle, based on a Swedish invention, called The Olsson Ruby. It's strong and sturdy, featuring a brass base and a ruby tip. It's available for a bunch of FFF printers and it handles a huge range of materials – from your standard PLA and ABS, to composites with abrasive additives, like carbon fibre and boron carbide. It's the one nozzle for all materials, and now you have the chance of winning one. We have three Olsson Ruby nozzles up for grabs. Choose between 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 or High Output.


This month, we have noticed several new filaments : 


Discover them all in the trends !

I noticed that email services are more and more picky about displaying newsletter. 
Could I ask you to add hello@filaments.directory in your address book to be sure you receive the newsletter next time? For Gmail users : Please put the newsletter into the 'Primary' instead of 'Promotions' etc... And mark it as important.

I wish you all the best for you and your family !



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