Spool is dead! Long Live the Spool!


This month, we have seen an idea from Richard Horne in the UK, rethinking the use of spools for FDM 3D printing. 
A spool, on average, weighs 217gr. It takes raw materials to produce such a spool and it is quite expensive to make.  It is recyclable, but not easily reusable.

When you buy new filament, you also buy the spool.  This adds around 20% to the shipment weight, which also increases the cost.

A lot of initiative popped up :

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At best, they are recyclable or reusable. Spools still have a weight and are costly to produce.

Richard Horne came up with Masterspool : the idea of a reusable design for spools. Rather than buying the filament on spools, you just buy the filament attached with zip-ties and well protected from humidity. Masterspool is licensed under the business friendly Creative Commons Attribution licence. So no worries for companies on the IP side.

Techam then came up with the idea of cutting an existing spool and adding an insert for screwing purposes (under Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike).

Das Filament in Germany was the first to sell refills that are  compatible with the Masterspool. We are eager to see how many  companies will adopt the new standard. Colorfabb, Fishy Filaments, TreeD  and Filaments.ca are experimenting at the moment. Let us know if any other brands are adopting the standard.

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To make the life easier for everyone, we added a filter in the Filaments.directory search engine to find the Masterspool compatible refills.


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