How To Manage Your Filaments's new partnership with RollingUp is changing how filaments are managed.

Always buy more than you need.

Every maker, builder, professional and user knows this statement. Never buy less than you need and never buy the exact amount. Unforeseen problems are inevitable and more often than not leave you kicking yourself for running out of material before the project is finished!

The downside here is one that we're all familiar with: stacks of half used filaments. The real problem is that unless you use a spreadsheet or some other clunky, annoying tracking method, it's near impossible to know how much of each spool is left! Without this knowledge you're left with a best guess at what the remaining filament can be used for.

Enter RollingUp

This is why when Anthony Stephan, Android developer and the mind behind the brilliant Printoid Octoprint interface, approached us we knew that here was a solution we hadn't even realised we desperately needed.

RollingUp is the efficient, elegant, modern way of managing your filaments, now powered by and already used by around 10,000 people! The RollingUp app is backed by the database to allow you to easily search for your filaments, automatically inputting their parameters into your filament library.

The combination of, the world's largest filament database, and RollingUp, the best solution to filament management that we've seen is a match made in heaven to revolutionise how your 3D printing is organised.

'Another goal of this application is to sensitise the makers about the environment. If you can easily see how much filament a file will take in your spool, you can most of time realise that you could improve your printing parameters (infill, layer height...) in order to reduce your consumption. Because 3D printing is a part of our future, we also need to think about our impact on our environment and prevent our over-consumption of material. Very soon you will be able to also input your 'waste of filament' on your spools: so you will be able to see how much material goes in the trash. Partnership with recycling companies will also come.' - Anthony, RollingUp Developer.

What Can RollingUp Do?

The primary feature of RollingUp allows you to find your exact filament, automatically download its details (name, size, etc.) or quickly input them manually if the filament is not yet listed. This generates a personal library of the exact filaments you currently own.

From here, all you need do is quickly input the details from your preferred slicing software and RollingUp will instantly tell you exactly how much filament you have left! Better yet, if you are a Printoid user, the usage details are transferred automatically!

'Initially the app has been made for OctoPrint users that uses Printoid on their phones/tablets. But quickly the concept has been extended to all the 3D printing users : you don't need anything more than a phone or a tablet to use the app. RollingUp can work in a standalone way, even if the use of Printoid in parallel helps a lot to automatise the inputs'

An automatically updated library telling you exactly how much of every filament you have left - organisation heaven!

On top of this, a number of other tools on RollingUp allow users to: verify if a print can be done with the remaining filament on a spool, calculate the cost per consumption (awesome!) and even use NFC stickers to tag your spools with its status! RollingUp can easily be synced across all your Android devices.

'The NFC tags feature is one of the best thing I've ever made to simplify the way to see how much filament remains in your spools. Tags are not expensive at all, reusable, easy to configure, easy to flash with a phone. But some users don't have NFC chip in their devices, that's why a QR code feature will also come soon.'

'The latest feature in date is the statistics page: you can keep an eye in your consumption according type of material (PLA, ABS, PETG, etc...) and see if you've more PLA than ABS, if you use more ABS than PLA... and probably adjust your own stock in consequence. Statistics about the cost are also present, you can visualise how the 3D printing hobby cost you in materials'

How Does Benefit?

Firstly, we get to contribute to a movement that aligns excellently with out values and mission.

Secondly, users will be able to easily upload their print settings to - further improving our optimal print settings for every plastic available.

Why The Partnership?

Apart from the obvious fact that the tools of and RollingUp are near perfect for use together, we love the RollingUp tool because it does exactly what is trying to do:

Simple, elegant, user-friendly solutions to messy, unorganised problems.

Tools like these are key steps to a future where 3D printers are in every home.

'An iOS version is also coming in the next weeks. Developed by an iOS specialist, it is currently in beta tests and will propose the same features than RollingUp for Android.'

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