ProtoPasta High Performance HTPLA Aromatic Pine


Manufacturers Recommended Settings - Personal Preferred Settings Nozzle Temperature ?°C 210°C Bed Temperature ?°C 50°C Speed(mm/s) ?°C 50mm/s Cooling Fan Speed ?% 30% Max Flow Rate 10mm3/s at 210°C - Retraction 4.5mm @ 25mm/s 4.5mm @ 25mm/s

Temperature: Same as Aromatic coffee printed well at 210°C.

Preferred settings: Good results when print at 210°C and 50mm/s, adhered well to both glue and hairspray on the build platform. Ideal at general layer of 0.1mm.

Ultimaker Robot: Similar to Aromatic coffee a good print with good overall definition on most of the features including the antenna, a slightly speckled pearlescent surface looks good close up.

Tree Frog: This was a very nice print, very faint wisps of stringing but easily removed, very good definition, with a lovely speckled effect on very thin surfaces, the overall build on the overhang of the belly was great.

3DBenchy: A good print, again the stringing is very fine in the whole and easy to remove, the slightly pearlescent transparency of the material gives a light tint to thinner walled areas similar to the Aromatic coffee.

The photo shows both 'Aromatic Coffee' on the left and 'Aromatic Pine' on the right.

Shrinkage - Length % Width % Height* % Dimension 60mm - 31mm - 32.5mm - Measurement and % Difference 59.7mm 0.50% 30.9mm 0.32% 32.53mm 0.09%

*As the vertical height can be effected by the distance of the bed-levelling to the nozzle the height of the “Top of the Chimney to the top of the box” should be more accurate for the comparisons

Conclusion: With very little info available about this filament, I did find the following piece at by Clare Scott | Dec 4, 2015.

“The pine filament is being offered as limited-edition package. For \$44.99, you will receive a 500g 8″ diameter spool of 1.75 or 3mm filament along with a laser-cut ornament. In case you’re feeling guilty about the trees that were sacrificed in the making of your filament, Proto-pasta will also donate \$5.00 from every purchase to conservation organization Friends of Trees.”

I liked this small sample of “Aromatic Pine” although I didn’t run a full set of tests I used the general PLA specs. It was nice to print with and if you have models etc. that you want to look a little different without painting then I think this would be a great filament, I use the test pieces above as they also look good and I give them away to people interested in 3D printing as samples, keeping a UM Robot for my records, and in this filament they look great, I’m going to see about getting some more of this as all my friends that have seen the tree-frogs in both ‘Aromatic Coffee’ and ‘Aromatic Pine’ want to give one a home with my mother getting first dibs, so for me this is defiantly one to add to the tool box especially if it is only a limited edition.

Testing performed on an Ultimaker2, With a BondTec Feeder, an Olsson Block running a 35W heater and using a 0.4mm nozzle.

(October 2016).

(November 2016) Shrinkage Added.

(December 2016) Printer Spec added.

nkage Added.

(December 2016) Printer Spec added.

Ian Hiscocks

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