Algix3D Dura Manufacturer's Recommended Settings - Personal Preferred Settings Nozzle Temperature 175 - 195°C 185°C Bed Temperature 60°C 60°C Speed (mm/s) 50-100mm/s 60mm/s Cooling Fan Speed ?% 70% Retraction 4.5mm @ 25mm/s 4.5mm @ 25mm/s Other Specifications - - Density 1.29g/cm3 - Diameter and Tolerance 2.85 ± 0.08mm - Bed Adhesive None Required Hairspray

Temperature: Algix3D recommend the upper region of the temperature band for 2.85mm filament 185°C worked well although I would probable try a little lower as there was a little stringing at this temperature but it did fail at 170°C.

Speed: Can print above 60mm/s but can lose a little definition so the usual 50mm/s works well. Preferred settings: Due the small sample only a few tests could be printed, Nozzle temperature of about 180-185°C, bed temperature of 60°C and hairspray worked well. Layer height of 0.1mm was also fine for this material, and about 50-60mm/s print speed.

Ultimaker Robot: A nice print handled the overhangs and details quite well, a little fine stringing is visible about the hands and between the antenna so a little cooler on the nozzle and more fan speed to cool the fine detail.

Tree Frog: Although it managed most of the print fine it was a little rough on the lower belly area with the shallow angle of the overhang as well as some stringing on the area between the legs and body and then between the eyes. These areas are easy to remove and it cleans up to a nice print.

Conclusion: Algix3D do warn about storing it correctly as it can absorb moisture, and although recommending a water based glue stick but hairspray worked as well. Despite the slight stringing the prints clean up nicely, and the ‘Icecap white’ had a nice pearlescent look and at 0.1mm layers it prints very smooth almost not show the stepping, for low angled overhangs I would recommend support structure. Other features they say Dura has is improved toughness, elongation and brittleness. In all Dura is a nice filament, it can be printed with an increased print speed and is termed biodegradable and compostable.

Colours available; only available in six colours at this time, Magma Red, Supernova Yellow, Boreal Green, Benthic Blue, Cosmic Black and Icecap White.

Testing performed on an Ultimaker2, with a BondTec Feeder, an Olsson Block running a 35W heater and using a 0.4mm nozzle.

(October 2016)

(December 2016) Printer Spec. Added.

(December 2016) Printer Spec. Added.

Ian Hiscocks

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