Getting to know: Aniwaa spoke to Martin Lansard, CEO and co-founder of Aniwaa - the platform for finding and comparing 3D hardware.

Here at we have a very simple ethos - to organise the filament market. We do not resell, we do not produce our own brand, we simply collate and present what we believe to be the most important information for every filament available.

Why is this important? Because every market should have an unbiased, comprehensive touch-point for information that lets users find products they're interested in so that they can learn more about them.

That's why we were so pleased to sit down with the CEO and co-founder of Aniwaa, Martin Lansard. In so many ways, and Aniwaa are on the same mission in slightly different areas.

What is Aniwaa?

Aniwaa's story began 5 years ago when Martin was working at Google and co-founder Pierre-Antoine was working in additive manufacturing. The friends found that when researching 3D printing there was a lot of information but getting to the information was long and painful. There was no platform where you could find what 3D printer you could have for what budget.

M.L.: 'We realized early on that it was very difficult to find reliable information about 3D printing, let alone it being organized in a consistent manner. We wanted to buy a 3D printer but there wasn’t any comprehensive, trusted resource listing all the 3D printers available on the market. We created Aniwaa to provide our users with reliable information and actionable decision-making tool.'

That's why Aniwaa was created: to be a platform that shows everything available for a certain budget and what each printer can do. To make this user friendly, Aniwaa have developed an easy to use comparison tool.

By using this tool from the very beginning, Aniwaa has developed a database of 3D printers that is entirely comparative, allowing them to easily display every product on the market.

Aniwaa have now expanded their database to include other emerging technologies like 3D scanners and VR headsets.

M.L.: 'We have developed a strong expertise in structuring product information for emerging tech and making it useful and actionable via comparison tools. We started with 3D printing, made a name for ourselves, and we’re now applying the same recipe to other emerging technologies. We launched a VR/AR category in July and we’re now preparing our next move. A big announcement will be made at the beginning of next year. Stay tuned!'

Who is Aniwaa for?

That's easy - Aniwaa is for anyone that is interested in 3D Printing and want to know what their potential options are. Aniwaa acts at an essential touch-point for you to see all your available options so that you can do your own research and make an informed decision. All it takes is a few clicks.

M.L.: 'Aniwaa’s most useful features are the filters in our comparison engines. We try and update these as often as possible to reflect emerging trends in the industry. For example we recently added filters for Independant Dual Extruders and Conveyor Belts 3D printers, something you won’t find elsewhere! These ongoing improvements are important because they allow our users to narrow down their selections and eventually find the right products for their projects.'

The most important thing is that Aniwaa doesn't offer a buyer's perspective, instead it offers an unbiased, comprehensive and comparative view.

It's brilliant to see other companies working on organising and presenting the 3D printing industry in an unbiased manner. We all know how important making informed decisions is, that's why the work that Aniwaa does is so important: A world of free information available on one, easy to use platform.

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