FilaPrint PLA (Premium) Manufacturer's Recommended Settings - Personal Preferred Settings Nozzle Temperature 190 - 210°C 205°C Bed Temperature 0 - 60°C 50°C Speed (mm/s) ?mm/s 50mm/s Cooling Fan Speed ?% 30% Max Flow Rate ?mm3/s at ?°C - Retraction ?mm @ ?mm/s 3.0mm @ 45mm/s Other Specifications - - Density 1.24g/cm3 - Diameter and Tolerance 2.85 ± 0.10mm - Adhesion - Hairspray

Temperature: This sprinted well across the range with very little difference in general although bridging was slightly better in the higher range.

Speed: Print speed would reach 80mm/s+ but started to show errors above 60mm/s.

Preferred settings: This was nice to print at 205°C and with 50°C bed temperature on hairspray had good adhesion with no warping. Keeping to 45-50mm/s gives a good surface finish to both vertical and horizontal walls, fan speed was 80%.

Ultimaker Robot: This produced a nice print with good performance on the overhangs and the small bridging, also giving good definition to the other features of the parts face ears and antenna, with a nice surface finish.

Tree Frog: The frog had good surface finish all round coping with the overhangs and retractions well only a little post print finish under the front legs needed, the finish on the back and head was also very nice, producing a good overall print.

3DBenchy: Again in general a good print only a little post print cleaning required to the usual areas in the wheelhouse with a little stringing about the doors and windows and the bridging, The bow overhang is well formed and the chimney is well defined with no sign of problems from overheating due to minimum layer times and overheating.

Shrinkage - Length % Width % Height* % Dimension 60mm - 31mm - 32.5mm - Measurement and % Difference 59.75mm 0.36% 30.93mm 0.23% 32.64mm 0.26%

*As the vertical height can be effected by the distance of the bed-levelling to the nozzle the height of the “Top of the Chimney to the top of the box” should be more accurate for the comparisons

Conclusion: Initially testing the “Apple Green” and the “Bronze Gold” filament samples both produced good prints, no warping at the settings used and good bed adhesion with hairspray. The “Bronze Gold” produces a very nice finish which can change hue slightly depending on the light source and direction the other samples tested also performed well over their range producing nice parts, the 0.1mm layers gave a great finish and there are some nice colours in the range. In general this is a very nice filament at a great price for both printing components and experimenting with your printers’ settings, performance and testing. The PLA also trims easily, any small blobs or stringing cleaning up nicely both with a sharp knife or small files etc.

With the quality of this filament and the price that 3DFilaPrint are selling it for, this is a good filament to have in your box, and not just as a general purpose filament in White or Black. The “Bronze gold” and the “Silver” have a very nice finish and they add a great look to parts and some models will look very nice printed in them.

3dFilaPrint would like to mention that it isn’t a ‘Premium’ based on just the quality as they are well aware and stock other filaments which are manufactured using higher quality resins, but also on the basis that it is very reasonable priced at just £20.95 for a 1kg spool including vat and delivery. Plus if you buy a whole spool you can choose another FilaPrint Premium sample free of charge.

Colours available: At the moment there are 17 available in the 2.85mm and a couple more in the 1.75mm range.

Testing performed on an Ultimaker2, With a BondTec Feeder, an Olsson Block running a 35W heater and using a 0.4mm nozzle.

(November 2016)

(December 2016) Printer Spec Added.

(November 2016)

(December 2016) Printer Spec Added.

Ian Hiscocks

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