Extrudr PLA NX2

A PLA, bio-organic compostable plastic.

Manufacturer's Recommended Settings - Personal Preferred Settings Nozzle Temperature 195 - 220°C 210°C Bed Temperature Not Required - Cooling Fan Speed ?% 50% Max Flow Rate ?mm3/s at ?°C 10mm3/s at 215°C Retraction 4.5mm @ 25mm/s 4.5mm @ 25mm/s Other Specifications - - Density 1.23g/cm3 - Bed Adhesive Blue Tape Hairspray or PintAfix

1cm3 test piece, 9.95x10.04x9.90 (mm) (XYZ) weight 1.22g. Density = 1.23g/cm3

Temperature: This PLA printed well across the range but I found the best results were about the 205-210°C area, this was the area that just had the right mix for bridging and reduced stringing etc.

Speed: this could print nicely just above 85mm/s but sticking to 50mm/s produced good results, the data sheet says it can print up to 120mm/s.

Volumetric Flow: Printing the full range from 3 – 10, it started to have a few errors at 10mm3/s with the upper end of the good flow being at 5-6mm3/s, although there was good interlayer adhesion right across the range.

Preferred settings: This is another good material so I would rather print a the optimal settings for temperature at 50mm/s and get good results rather than have problems, although this PLA could take a bit extra on speed etc. very good bed adhesion with hairspray or glue or PrintAfix.

Ultimaker Robot: Produced a nice print, handled the overhangs and other features well with good definition to all over, and also producing a very nice finish.

Tree Frog: The tree frog came out really nice, good overall definition and not showing any problems, no stringing between the front legs and a nice smooth back and belly, a good looking print.

3DBenchy: It was only towards the end of the print that I realised the print temperature was set at 220°C so there was a little evidence of some stringing around the wheelhouse windows and doors, but other than that it produced a nice print and any stringing would be easy to clean off.

Shrinkage - Length % Width % Height* % Dimension 60mm - 31mm - 32.5mm - Measurement and % Difference 59.73mm 0.45% 30.94mm 0.19% 32.6mm 0.31%

*As the vertical height can be effected by the distance of the bed-levelling to the nozzle the height of the “Top of the Chimney to the top of the box” should be more accurate for the comparisons

This is another nice material from Extrudr, the data sheet gives this PLA as ‘a new bio compound based on 100% natural and renewable resources, which is also bio-organic compostable and non-toxic.’ Currently it is available in 11 colours but I only had a test sample of “Anthracite” which produces a very nice matt almost black material that almost had a matt-silk look to it which was very pleasing. It is also mentioned as having low shrinkage qualities. All in all this material not only performed well but anthracite also has a very nice finish.


Colours available; Black, White, Anthracite, Marine Blue, Hellfire Red, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, Emerald Green, Grey, Signal Green.

(February 2018)

Emerald Green, Grey, Signal Green.

(February 2018)

Testing performed on an Ultimaker2, With a BondTec Feeder, a Matchless Block running a 35W heater and using a 0.4mm nozzle.

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