RepRapper Tech Ltd. ABS

A basic ABS filament from their range, rests based on Blue ABS.

Manufacturers Recommended Settings - Personal Preferred Settings Nozzle Temperature 210 - 260°C 230°C Bed Temperature Not Required 100°C Speed (mm/s) ?mm/s 50mm/s Cooling Fan Speed ?% 30% Max Flow Rate ?mm3/s at ?°C 10mm3/s at 230°C Retraction ?mm @ ?mm/s 4.5mm @ 25mm/s Other Specifications - - Density ?g/cm3 Printed 1cm3 = 1.00 g/cm3 Diameter & Tolerance 3.0 ± 0.04mm 2.93 ± 0.04mm Bed Adhesive - ABS Gloop

1cm3 test piece, 10.46x10.31x10.17 (mm) (XYZ), weight 1.1g. Density = 1.00g/cm3.

Temperature: Printed well across the temperature range although appears to become lighter the higher the temperature, bridging appeared better about 235 - 220°C, began to get wisps of stringing below 220°C, although the odd wisp or blob could appear across the range.

Speed: Prints well at increased speeds and seemed fine up to 105mm/s but lost detail definition at the higher speeds so would probably stay below 75mm/s.

Volumetric Flow: At 230°C Printed well through the range to 10mm3/s with good bonding between all the layers, no observed difference in surface quality.

Preferred settings: Nozzle Temperature of 230°C didn’t produce too much stringing with standard retraction settings, with a 100°C bed temperature no warping was observed and even printed the Robot without brim and no warping, fans kept to a low speed for the first 10mm and then increased to 40% or greater for smaller detail, perhaps higher for the finer detail of the antenna, just a little blob melting on the final pause before Z retraction as the job finishes.

Ultimaker Robot: Printed very nicely, handling the overhangs and bridging well, just deteriorating at the antennas, reducing the temperature or increasing the fan-speed should resolve this.

Tree Frog: A very nice print, smooth on the belly overhang and the front legs so also handling the retractions.

3DBenchy: Another nice print only a few wisps and blobbing from the build, bridging on the front window was good and with the right bed temperature no brim was required nicely without stringing or blobs, nice definition on the nose, good finish all round.

Shrinkage - Length % Width % Height* % Dimension 60mm - 31mm - 32.5mm - Measurement and % Difference 59.46mm 0.90% 30.7mm 0.97% 32.49mm 0.03%

*As the vertical height can be effected by the distance of the bed-levelling to the nozzle the height of the “Top of the Chimney to the top of the box” should be more accurate for the comparisons

Conclusion: This was a nice ABS, printing with a 100°C bed temperature no warping was observed, also printed the 3Dhubs Marvin and the Aztec chief, need to play a little on fine points of the Ultimaker robot and the top feather of the Aztec Chief to improve the detail by either dropping the temperature or increasing the fan speed, would be a good ABS starter filament for those looking to try ABS for the first time. A comprehensive data sheet would be nice.

Colours available: Various Colours as well as UV and Thermal active available.

Testing performed on an Ultimaker2, With a Modified ‘Roberts’ Feeder, an Olsson Block running a 35W heater and using a 0.4mm nozzle.

(August 2016).

(November 2016) Shrinkage Added.

(December 2016) Printer Spec added.

rinkage Added.

(December 2016) Printer Spec added.

Ian Hiscocks

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