ProtoPasta High Performance HTPLA, Aromatic Coffee

A high performance heat treatable PLA.

Manufacturer's Recommended Settings - Personal Preferred Settings Nozzle Temperature ?°C 210°C Bed Temperature Not Required 50°C Speed (mm/s) ?mm/s 50mm/s Cooling Fan Speed ?% 30% Max Flow Rate 10mm3/s at 210°C - Retraction 4.5mm @ 25mm/s 4.5mm @ 25mm/s Other Specifications - - Density 1.24g/cm3 -

1cm3 test piece, 10.06x10.10x9.96 (mm) (XYZ), weight 1.19g. Density = 1.18/cm3.

Temperature: Performed well across the range of 190 - 210°C, with a little stringing noticeable, Proto Pasta advise not to use above 230°C.

Speed: Can print at speeds higher than 50mm/s with good detail and layer bonding up to 70mm/s.

Volumetric Flow: This printed well up to 10mm3/s at the higher temperature 215°C to 220°C.

Preferred settings: For good results I prefer to print at 210°C and 50mm/s and can print at fine 0.05mm layers and 0.2mm layers, so 0.1mm layers offers nice prints. Will adhere well to both glue and hairspray on the build platform.

Ultimaker Robot: A good print, nice overall definition handling most of the features well, just dropping off at the antenna, increased fan speed or lowering the print temperature at this point may help, a nice sheen to a slightly pearlescent surface add to the look.

Tree Frog: A nice print, some stringing visible between travel points but easy to remove, the material almost looks like a slightly striated translucent dark bronze marble, a lovely effect.

3DBenchy: Another great print the stringing is very fine in the whole and easy to remove, the slight transparency of the material gives a light tint to thinner walled areas.

- Length % Width % Height* % Dimension 60mm - 31mm - 32.5mm - Measurement and % Difference 59.82mm 0.30% 30.90mm 0.32% 32.51mm 0.06%

*As the vertical height can be effected by the distance of the bed-levelling to the nozzle the height of the “Top of the Chimney to the top of the box” should be more accurate for the comparisons

Conclusion: A nice PLA to print with that gives simple components a different look, a bonus is that there is a slight smell of roasting coffee whilst you print the colour is great and changes with the thickness, any fine stringing is easy to remove. Not touched upon is the High Temperature side of the filament, Proto-pasta give advice for effectively post printing heat treatment to improve the performance of the material, place in an oven at 110°C for an hour or less changing from translucent to opaque and then letting it cool in the oven to prevent distortion, I tried this out and it did alter slightly as they said. A great filament to have in your box for the odd components.

Testing performed on an Ultimaker2, With a BondTec Feeder, an Olsson Block running a 35W heater and using a 0.4mm nozzle.

(October 2016).

(November 2016) Shrinkage Added.

(December 2016) Printer Spec added

Shrinkage Added.

(December 2016) Printer Spec added

Ian Hiscocks

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