Climate change is probably one of the biggest challenge mindkind had to takle. When we think about carbon emissions, we think about production of electricity, industry, buildings and transport probably comes to the top of the list.

We made progress in how we produce electricity thru renewable sources like photovoltaics, wind turbines, hydropower, etc…

But do you know that electricity production represents "only" 25% of the co2 emitted each year (IPCC 2014) ! The most surprising to us was the emissions from the food production : 24% !

The sad news is that rougly one third is wasted (FAO). The potential of reduction is tremendous. By reducing food waste, we can reduce yearly co2 emissions by 8%, as much as all the building sector !

The problem is, who want to eat leftovers ? They are not appealing to us...

That's the problem Elzelinde van Doleweerd and Vita Broeken wanted to work on.

Elzelinde van Doleweerd and Vita Broeken

Elzelinde started to develop the process : Collecting food waste from local supermarkets. The food is still perfectly edible not necessarily appealing. She gets a wide variety of food from vegetables to fruits... The type of food is highly dependant on the season. Making a paste with the ingredients by mashing, mixing together, grounding and sieving Using the paste in a 3D printer to get the design she wants Bake the 3D prints in the oven to have something crunchy The biggest challenge was to get the appropriate viscosity to get the results she wanted.

Yummy 3D printed leftovers

The biscuits are made with 75% of food waste. The additional ingredients are used to get the appropriate viscosity and taste for the flavor with herbs and spices. She is now trying to create vegan versions by trying to avoid butter and eggs used actually.


As the biscuits are cooked, the water content is very low. As the bacterias and mold needs water to grow, the biscuits have then a very long shelf life.


They exposed their biscuits at Dutch Design Week 2018 last October.

The biscuits received a warm welcome from restaurant interested into processing their own leftovers and getting new tastes and designs.

Vita Broeken joined the adventure recently to push the project forward.

They are now looking for chefs and companies to have a bigger impact !

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