After months of development, FD has now undergone a HUGE update that will enable us to respond more fully to the following questions:

  • Which material do I need to use?
  • Where can I find it?
  • How do I use it on my 3D printer?

We have added many new features that will help to answer these questions and that will make your experience of the website quicker and easier.

  • Which material do I need to use ? Now you can search by text.

  • Where can I find this filament ? You can now see a map with its distributors that are closest to your home.

  • How do I use this filament on my 3D printer ? Now, when you submit print settings, you can add a comment. If you want to use a print setting, you can export it to Cura using an fdm_material file. After using the setting, you can provide comments, detailing whether it worked well or not, just like you can do on sites such as Stackoverflow.

You can also now delete your print settings, if they are not correct.

You can even see the print settings for other colors of the same filament.

We’d love to see your 3D impressions. If you use any print settings from the website, don't forget to tag us on your posts so we can see them.

You can follow a brand and access the brand’s webpage and social media profiles. We’ve now provided a shortcut to make it easier for you to check out the brand.

These new features have been added in order to make your experience on the site quicker, easier and more informative.

In conclusion, is now definitively the Stack Overflow of the 3D printing settings world. We love positive progress and so we continue to ask ourselves every day how we can improve your visit to the site.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your feedback on all of these new features!

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