Where to buy 3d printer filament locally ?

3D Print Works GB PVA PLA Support Glitters Glitter Fluorescent Soluble
3D Solutech US PETG Flexible Highly Transparent Flexible
3D-Fuel US PLA Composite Other High Temperature ABS alternative bioplastics Starch Coffee Hemp Beer Glass Reinforced
3D4Makers NL Composite PEEK Hemp High Strength
3DXTech US Composite ESD
3R3DTM ES PLA Composite TPE PET TPU Ashes Bone Glow in the Dark Flexible Chalk Glass Reinforced Carbon Reinforced Iroko Recycled Brass Aluminium Iron Copper Bronze Marble Marple Talc Sand
3dk Berlin DE Other PLA High Temperature Glow in the Dark
ABG Filament TR STH ABS PLA Multicolor
Addifrance FR Other Composite Insulation High Strength
Algix 3D US Other PLA Composite ABS alternative bioplastics High Temperature Algae
All Professional 3D US PETG PLA ABS Glow in the Dark
AprintaPro AT PC-ABS ABS Composite PLA Flame Retardant Carbon Reinforced Wood Glow in the Dark
AzureFilm SI Composite PLA Wood Glitters Glow in the Dark
Black Magic 3D US PLA Composite Magnetic Iron Conductive
BnK KR PLA Antimicrobial
Breathe-3DP US Nylon PLA High Strength
Colorfabb NL Copolyester Composite Cork Bamboo Wood Brass Copper Bronze Carbon Reinforced Highly Transparent Flexible High Strength High Temperature
ColoriLAB CA PP PLA TPE ABS TPU Glow in the Dark Brass Aluminium Thermochrome Bronze Glitters Flexible Copper
ESUN CN Other ABS PLA Composite PVA Flexible Cleaning Filament Glow in the Dark Bronze Phosphorescent Soluble Conductive Wood
EUMakers IT Composite PLA Aluminium Multicolor Corten Glow in the Dark
Essentium US Composite TPU Carbon Reinforced Flexible
Eumakers IT TPU Composite Glass Reinforced Carbon Reinforced Flexible Wood
Extrudr AT Composite Other PLA PETG High Temperature Wood Glow in the Dark ABS alternative bioplastics Linen Multicolor Silk
FiberForce IT TPU Nylon Composite PLA Glass Reinforced High Speed Wood Flexible Carbon Reinforced Soft Touch Tough
Fiberlogy PL HIPS Other Soluble Flexible
FilRight NL Nylon Other PLA Composite PVA HIPS TPU 98A ASA Wood Flexible Carbon Reinforced High Strength Fluorescent Outdoor High Temperature Soluble ABS alternative bioplastics
FilaFlex ES TPE Flexible
Filament PM CZ PVA ABS TPE PLA Soluble Glitters Flexible Glow in the Dark
Filamentarno RU SBS Highly Transparent Soluble Flexible
Filamentive GB PETG Composite PLA Wood Copper Carbon Reinforced Recycled
Fillamentum CZ TPU Composite ASA PVA HIPS Soluble High Strength Flexible Wood
Formfutura NL Composite HIPS PVA TPC PLA ABS PETG PC-ABS Bronze Copper Thermochrome Wood Flexible Carbon Reinforced Glow in the Dark Highly Transparent Flame Retardant Soluble
Hatchbox US PLA ABS Glow in the Dark Copper
Ice Filaments BE PVA ABS Composite PLA TPC Soluble Glow in the Dark Wood Flexible Carbon Reinforced
Indmatec DE PEEK High Strength
Inland US Flexible ABS PLA HIPS PVA Glow in the Dark UV reactive Soluble Flexible Thermochrome
Innofil 3D NL PLA High Speed ABS alternative bioplastics
KODAK AR Composite TPU Glow in the Dark Flexible
Lay Filaments DE Composite Other Reflective Castable Ceramic Jelly Wood Flexible Brick Porous
MTB3D NL TPE Flexible
MatterHackers US ABS TPU PLA TPE PETG HIPS Soluble Glow in the Dark High Strength Wood Flexible
MeltInk3D US PLA Glow in the Dark
NEEMA3D NL PVA Nylon Composite PETG PLA PC Other ASA Support Soluble High Temperature Flame Retardant Highly Transparent Chemical Strength Wood High Strength Flexible Carbon Reinforced
NinjaFlex US TPE Glow in the Dark Semi Flexible Flexible
OWA FR PS Recycled
OWENS CORNING FR Composite Glass Reinforced
Oo-kuma TR PLA Other TPE Composite PETG HIPS Cleaning Filament Wood Soft Touch Flexible Carbon Reinforced High Strength Sterilisable
Philament HU PLA Wood Antimicrobial Highly Transparent High Temperature
Polymaker CN TPU PC Blend PLA PVB Support Wood Smoothable Flexible High Strength High Temperature ABS alternative bioplastics
Proto Pasta US Composite PLA Glitters Coffee Conductive Brass Carbon Reinforced High Temperature Magnetic Iron High Temperature Stainless Steel Copper Bronze
Refil NL PET ABS Recycled
SMART MATERIALS 3D ES TPU ABS Composite PLA Wood Glow in the Dark High Strength Flexible Fire Resistant
Spectrum Filaments PL Other PET HIPS PVA PLA Highly Transparent Soluble Flexible Marble Sand
Taulman 3D US Nylon 618 PET Nylon 645 Other Nylon High Temperature Chemical Strength Highly Transparent Slippery Flexible High Strength Support
The Virtual Foundry US Composite Bronze Copper
TreeD IT TPE TPU Composite ABS PMMA HIPS Nylon Concrete Carbon Reinforced Clay Soluble Flexible Highly Transparent Marble Bronze High Strength Brick Sand Stone
Tridea BE PET Recycled
Type A Machines US PLA Matte Finish
Ultimaker NL PVA PP CPE CPE+ PC TPU 95A Nylon Flexible High Strength Chemical Strength High Temperature Soluble
Verbatim JP TPE Flexible
Voltivo TW TPU Composite Wood Aluminium Flexible Bronze Copper
WillowFlex DE Other High Temperature Flexible
add north SE Copolyester PETG PLA Matte Finish Highly Transparent High Temperature
twoBears DE Other High Temperature ABS alternative bioplastics Linen Silk