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Established in 2002, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the industrialization of environment-friendly materials.

eSUN has begun the development of 3D printing materials since 2007, and successfully developed a full line of PLA, ABS, PVA(water soluble support), conductive, HIPS, PA, Polymorph, and PC filament etc. With the advantages of stable quality, rich varieties, cost-effective and wide application, eSUN is now one of the leading 3D printing filaments brands.

3 prizes :

  • 1st : 3 spools of 1kg
  • 2d : 2 spools of 1kg
  • 3rd : 1 spools of 1kg

Not only will the contest give participants a chance to win various prizes, but it will also mark the start of a user-driven 3D printing filament community, one that will help optimize the way that we all use our FDM 3D printing technology. The more quality settings that are uploaded possible, the more the 3D printing experience will become easier, more reliable and less time consuming. Together, all of the inputted print settings will be consolidated into big data and used to create the best profiles for every 3D printer.


From 06-12-2017, 16:00 UTC to 31-12-2017, 23:59 UTC.


  • You must create your account on in order to participate.
  • Each participation option gives you some chances to win a prize
  • Each valid print setting equals one chance to win, which means that the more you share, the more of a chance you will have of winning one of the prizes. There are no limits per person.
  • Please use only your own images and settings. We will check. We reserve the right to exclude settings at our sole discretion.
  • One prize per person or postal address.
  • The contest is worldwide and free of charge, except customs fees if applicable.
  • * Each twitter participations will be checked in background with the Twitter API.

When/how will the winners be announced?

The winner will be announced by a personnal email. Prizes usually arrives at destination within the next month.