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Together with Philament, Filaments Directory is launching a one month contest, which will call upon users to enter their print settings for a chance to win prizes.

This month’s prizes come from Philament, the Hungarian filament producers, who focus on tailor-made filaments.

Their Philament Technical product line has been designed for special 3D printing purposes, among others, for industrial users.

These filaments are PLA-based, so they can be handled as easily as normal PLA.

They have provided the following prizes (750 gr spools each): 

1st prize: 2 spools Philament Model – The printed object looks like a gypsum model. Using this filament you will get an off-white, matt surface, so details will be clearly visible. The objects can be reshaped and painted. It can be used as a support as well, since it can be removed easily, and the fracture surface can be easily sanded.

2d prize: 1 spool Philament ESD – In some cases – e.g. in electronics industry – ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection is a must. Conductive filament has been developed for this purpose. It contains carbon powder.

3rd prize: 1 spool Philament Heat Resistant - Objects printed using Philament Heat Resistant can bear a 130°C heat load after a heat treating at 80 and 100°C for 30-60min.

Not only will the contest give participants a chance to win various prizes, but it will also mark the start of a user-driven 3D printing filament community, one that will help optimize the way that we all use our FDM 3D printing technology. The more quality settings that are uploaded possible, the more the 3D printing experience will become easier, more reliable and less time consuming. Together, all of the inputted print settings will be consolidated into big data and used to create the best profiles for every 3D printer.


From 07-08-2017, 14:00 UTC to 31-08-2017, 23:59 UTC.


  • You must create your account on in order to participate.
  • Each registered user of the website automatically has one chance to win without sharing a setting.
  • Each valid print setting equals one chance to win, which means that the more you share, the more of a chance you will have of winning one of the prizes. There are no limits per person.
  • Please use only your own images and settings. We will check. We reserve the right to exclude settings at our sole discretion.
  • One prize per person or postal address.
  • The contest is worldwide and free of charge, except customs fees if applicable.

When/how will the winners be announced?

The winner will be announced in the week following the end of the contest, in a post on the Filaments directory blog.

Thanks to our sponsors