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Keene Village Plastics are offering 5 spools of PETG!

Keene Village Plastics is one of the oldest producers in the game. They were founded in 2002 and have been producing filament since 2004! Back then, they produced material for most desktop 3D printer companies to rebrand as their own (you know most of them!). They were later acquired by 3D Systems and then by Keene Building Products. That’s a gigantic 18 years of filament production experience and expertise in-house!

Keene Village Plastics is now re-focusing that huge expertise on being an independent filament supplier, by utilizing their whopping 15 production lines with an annual capacity upwards of 500,000 kg! From that capacity they are able to produce over 150 colours and effects over 18 different materials!

Because they use a completely custom 3 axis laser system, they can monitor the entire filament length for dimensional accuracy in addition to any flaws (that’s 900 scans per second, over 500,000 total scans per filament). It’s that level of awesome, technical, obsessive attention that has kept KVP going strong for nearly 20 years!

This month KVP are offering someone the chance to win 5kg of their gorgeous Edge Glow PETG; a translucent PETG that reflects direct sunlight or blacklight to create some seriously cool effects, especially when you play around with angles. That’s 5 spools of filament, in your choice of their available colours - don’t miss out on this opportunity to get creative with a different kind of filament.

Not only will the contest give participants a chance to win various prizes, but it will also mark the start of a user-driven 3D printing filament community, one that will help optimize the way that we all use our FDM 3D printing technology. The more quality settings that are uploaded possible, the more the 3D printing experience will become easier, more reliable and less time consuming. Together, all of the inputted print settings will be consolidated into big data and used to create the best profiles for every 3D printer.


From 21-11-2018, 12:00 UTC to 28-12-2018, 21:59 UTC.


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  • Please use only your own images and settings. We will check. We reserve the right to exclude settings at our sole discretion.
  • One prize per person or postal address.
  • The contest is worldwide and free of charge, except customs fees if applicable.
  • * Each twitter participations will be checked in background with the Twitter API.

When/how will the winners be announced?

The winner will be announced by a personnal email. Prizes usually arrives at destination within the next month.