Fillamentum is a brand name of TOP quality filaments for 3D printing. Developed and manufactured by company Parzlich s.r.o. located in the south-east part of Czech Republic, in the town Hulin, established in 2011.

Our development is powered by real experts with more than 15 years of experience in the plastics industry. We are focusing on guaranteed Fillamentum quality and bringing new trends and materials.

In our offer you can find:

  • More that 40 shades of the most selling material - PLA. Which includes also special lines of Premium PLA.

  • Fillamentum also offers 18 colours of high-quality ABS and 4 shades of Timberfill, which is filled with real wood chips. For more demanding customers we offer also technical materials such as Nylons, flexible Flexfills (in two grades - Shore 98A and softer 92A). ASA for outdoor prints is available in 8 colours.

  • Also available is our latest technical material CPE. It's a tough, durable, resistant, beautiful and still easy to print material for everybody who needs more from their prints. CPE from Fillamentum comes in 10 colours.