H and H 3D plastics was formed in 2015, with the idea of providing top quality 3D printer filament made in the USA, by Jason Habich and Shane Huffman. We started printing in early 2014, and went through several suppliers trying to find filament that met our quality standards. We discussed what was important to us when looking for material, reflected on our background in the plastics industry, and found correlations that guided us in the development process. Our close to 40 years combined experience in the plastics and web handling industry gives us a solid background with regards to productivity, R & D, quality control, and logistics.

Located in Linton, IN we are focused on providing our customers with a top quality product and competitive prices. We are a true "grass roots" company, having designed, built and commissioned our entire production line. Our mission is to provide top quality 3D filament, made in the USA.