OWA is the concept of taking the end of the life of a product.


Our reels are packaged in primary vacuum packaging then placed in an OWA or Kimya cardboard box.

High quality

Tests are carried out at each production stage to ensure the regularity of our filaments (no air space and no out-of-roundness) and guarantee their compatibility with all printers.

2 years warranty

Kimya guarantees the quality of your filaments for 2 years. After expert appraisal by its technical services, Kimya undertakes to exchange a filament diagnosed as defective free of charge, subject to it having been used in a normal manner and stored.

Collection service

OWA are eco-designed 3D filaments combined with a collection service to ensure efficient recycling of 3D printing waste (filament offcuts, reels, printed objects). For 10 or more reels purchased, you can request a collection box and activate this entirely free service.