The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer has been created for consistency in production and ease of use at a professional level. Its sleek design and straightforward software make it a great choice in an educational capacity, while its dual extrusion and heat-controlled print compartment allow this 3D Printer to create the level of functionality within a design office setting.

Our full line of 3D Printer Filaments raise the bar for quality in the industry, with moisture-controlled packaging and high-quality materials to suit a wide range of applications. Self-leveling print bed, time-lapse camera, filament runout sensor and multicolor illumination facilitate the best print which you control via the touchscreen interface.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity to the KODAK 3D Cloud make your printer a manageable and shareable resource. A safe, healthy, intuitive machine designed to exceed your expectations, whether printing for the first time or managing a fleet of printers in an industrial capacity.