MakeShaper is a team of scientists, engineers and creative professionals with a keen interest in the growing 3D community. The MakeShaper team did not meet by chance. We all work together at a company called Static Control Components in Sanford, NC, and with their support, we’ve come together to develop the 3D supplies that help makers make.

Static Control’s continuous focus on product development and dedication to hands-on support has led to growth and opportunity for their customers. They fostered the community of cartridge rechargers almost 30 years ago. Since their involvement, the imaging aftermarket has grown into a global industry supporting entrepreneurs in every corner of the world.

MakeShaper was born through our expertise in research, development, and manufacturing. We believe in listening and fostering the ideas of the 3D community. We are working with maker labs across the country and are highly involved with various STEM and STEAM programs.

We’re more than just a website. We’re real people, actively involved in the maker movement. We would love to hear from you!