MatterHackers is headquartered in beautiful Orange County, California. From software, to supplies, to printers, we are working hard to enable people to turn the ideas they have into the things they use.

MatterHackers is one of the larges online resources for materials, boasting over 350 standard, exotic and exclusive styles of filament.

It all began in 2009 when Lars Brubaker received his MakerBot Cupcake Kit and thought - "This is going to change everything."

Flash forward several years to September 2012. Having sold his previous technology company to, Lars decided it was time to tackle another entrepreneurial challenge. He teamed up with former colleague and fellow technology enthusiast Kevin Pope, along with CPA and finance guru Michael Hulse. Together they looked for ways to apply their talents to the task of improving both the capabilities and accessibility of desktop 3D printing technology.

In the course of their own 3D printing endeavors, they noticed that finding consistent, high-quality supplies was difficult, as was finding good knowledge about desktop 3D printing. The MatterHackers site was created to provide both. Today MatterHackers is one of the largest distributors of 3D printers and 3D printer filament in the USA.