From the Greek word nima, which means filament! NEEMA3D is a Greek based 3D printing filament company with manufacturing lines in the Netherlands. Our filaments are manufactured from high quality raw materials according to the highest industry standards since 2015!

We are seeking only the best materials for our filaments and always try to find new solutions for stable and successful 3D printing process. High quality raw materials is everything for us so we start from there. With continuous research and testing in our headquarters in Greece, in the manufacturing lines and the research lab in Netherlands we finalise our extrusion formula in order to give the best result! Because filament is an evolving field, new revolutionary filaments have to be created all the time. That is why, our research and testing of materials never stops! At the moment, we manufacture 18 materials in many colors and our everyday goal is to find something new and innovative in order to increase the number of materials. Special packaging with resealed bag, transparent spool and unique NEEMA3D box ensure the proper transportation of your filament. For special orders such as unique colors and new materials please contact us.