Ookuma is a dedicated brand established to serve for 3D printing enthusiasts and is aiming to become the main player in the field.

We, here in Oo-kuma, are 3D Printer users from the beginning. Therefore we develop materials for ourselves first and solve problems any user may face during printing. Our final products are in fact, solution packages for your printing problems.

Engineering design of core components and complete construction of production lines are done in-house. By having complete control in process, material is treated at its best, from granules to the complete clear and sealed end product package you receive. All production stage is monitored and measured continuously by custom non-contact equipments.

We strictly use clean, non-scrap raw materials from certified and reliability proven global suppliers and process our own masterbatch in our facilities. That's why you get the most unique compositions only available from Oo-kuma!

Holding tighter diameter tolerances than the golden values of market, Ookuma provides smoothest filament flow rate by the aid of constantly correct filament cross section resulting in an even deposition of layers throughout the print job. Ordered wrapping of filaments in spools overcomes the locking and bending issues of filament letting you free while a job is on the go. First time success continues until the end of the spool, for every material, every color, every grade unlike any other brand!

Considering above approach in production, Ookuma's filaments are %100 degassed mixture of pure polymers, holding the tight diameter tolerances with least roundness while being delivered in professionally wrapped spools inside a sealed package.

Long story short, Ookuma's capabilities able it to deliver the best standart in market to you, still with feasible prices!