Proto-pasta is powered by ProtoPlant's self-made industrial extrusion technology. It's what makes making Proto-pasta pastable (that's fun to say)!

Creating our own extruders is awesome for a couple reasons: First, bragging rights. Seriously, what other filament manufacturer can claim they make their own industrial-grade extruders? Moreover, this gives us more control over what we can both process and the quality of the end result. It's a huge freedom and scalable foundation (investors?).

The Proto-pasta brand was born from a unique intersection of passion for making, access to technology, and growing online communities. With a mission to make 3D Printing more interesting and useful, through improved access to unique materials, we continue to innovate and extend our reach through partnering with new communities such as 3D Hubs.

Born on Kickstarter, we owe our success to the many communities of makers and 3D Printing enthusiast from around the world who believe in what we we are doing. Little known fact, all of our test prints for our first crowdfunding were made on a 1970s end mill retrofitted with numerical control and an E3D hot end. We mixed materials on a hot plate and did small test extrusions using our lathe. Yup, we've added some printers and purpose-built machinery since then, but doesn't get much more maker than that!!!

To our first customers and those who continue to support us, thank you!