Refil is founded by Rotterdam based design agency Better Future Factory (BFF), founded by five alumni from the Delft university of technology. BFF is a multi-disciplinary design and engineering company. BFF finds and develops creative yet realistic and sustainable solutions by incorporating the essential principles of the circular economy. We work on pressing issues like the plastic waste problem. We recover, re-use, and recycle as much materials as possible to reduce the pressure on the environment and on companies which face growing resource constraints. BFF works on international challenging projects in collaboration with a broad network of experts, partners and enthusiasts.

We want to offer the makers of the world a 3d printer filament that is fully recycled, with a quality that is comparable or exceeds premium non-recycled filaments. That’s why, for the last couple of years, we have been working on fully recycled filaments. After years of extensive testing and fine-tuning we are proud to introduce fully recycled ABS filament made from car dashboards and PET filament made from old PET bottles.

3D printing is today’s trendiest industrial revolution. At Refil we aim to make it a sustainable one as well. Why continue to use new plastics, when there’s so much old plastic we can re-use?