When we think and make a filament, we have in our mind five goals to achieve and each one is important, but they’re not all obvious.

Functionality Every filament has a different polymer composition. This is necessary to obtain certain requirements and they must meet customer’s needs. If a printed item should work at 120° with a pressure of 5Kg/cm2, we do the best to obtain this result.

Reliability It seems easy to achieve , but it’s not. Technology helps us that way, but it’s time and human experience that makes the difference, and these are not “items“ you can buy on the market. Today the percentage of defect for our filament is only the 0.03% of total manufacturing: the true cost of a printed item could be higher without this element.

Serviceability Every information about our filaments is available. But when you don’t succeed in printing a material, what can you do? That’s why we keep our knowledge available to every costumer.

Usability We know the frustration when you have too many troubles by printing some polymers . We care about formulation as result of scientific polymer acknowledgment with no magician solution

Price Very important, especially for us. Costumers often consider it as the most important element, and it’s easy to compare.