Polyoxymethylene (also known as Acetal) is a polymer produced from formaldehyde monomers with a relatively high crystallinity. It is used in high-performance components for products like lock systems, gears and screws.

The relatively high crystallinity of POM gives it its characteristic opaqueness as well as its high strength, rigidity and hardness. POM has quite a high density at around 1.420g/cm3.

POM has a printing temperature range of 225°C to 260°C however at the higher end of this range POM will release fumes that can be very irritant, always print in a very well ventilated area and consider wearing a respiratory mask. POM is prone to high shrinkage and poor adhesion, particularly for the base layer. Good base layer adhesion can be achieved with a high print bed temperature and a large raft. You can read more about getting good print bed adhesion in our blog article.

POM is a 3D printing filament that promises some fantastic properties despite its difficulty getting good adhesion. If you are looking for a high-performance plastic or just a new challenge then give POM a try and make sure you share your successful print settings with us! Here at you can select the right POM filament using our constantly updated list of suppliers and our comprehensive search tool!

Print settings

Market Data

  • Average temperature MIN/MAX 225 › 259°C
  • Average Tolerance0.08mm (MIN : 0.03, MAX : 0.1mm)
  • Average price labelled in EUR/kg37 (MIN : 37, MAX : 37)
  • Average price labelled in USD/kg31.33 (MIN : 19.42, MAX : 54.56)
Statistics based on 51 Filaments