As anyone familiar with 3D printing knows, regular maintenance of your printer is important to fix and prevent problems. Extruder blockages are a common occurrence due to the build up of filaments residue inside the extruder.

There are some traditional ways to clean your extruder, such as cold pulling, however they are not particularly effective and put quite a lot of stress on some relatively delicate parts of your printer. To avoid damaging your printer whilst still keeping your extruder in top condition you can consider using a cleaning filament.

These filaments are not merely abrasive filaments, as they are commonly thought to be. Instead they are usually made from non-abrasive compounds used for purging residue from industrial grade injection molding machines.

Cleaning filaments are efficient, effective ways of unblocking your extruder and can prevent blockages and damage if used regularly. The disadvantage is that they are unable to unblock filaments that are completely clogged up so material cannot be extruded through them. As long as some amount of filament is able to come out then cleaning filament should work. Cleaning filaments are also much faster than traditional methods.