3D printing is a modern industry that aims to provide innovative solutions to problems! 3D printing is also an industry centred largely around the use of plastics. This results in the obvious dilemma of sustainable plastic usage. Thankfully, there are many options to increase the sustainability of the 3D printing industry. One of these options is the use of recycled 3D printing filaments.

Recycled filament is a blanket term for a wide range of materials and methods. The general principle is that waste or scrap plastic is recovered and re-purposed to produce a usable product, in this case it produces. There are many ways that recycled plastic can be used for 3D printing. In some cases, the filament is made from entirely recycled plastic, in others the manufacture may blend recycled plastic with virgin resin.

Recycled filaments can be found for many of the materials used in 3D printing; ABS, PLA and PETG are all easily found in recycled forms. The recycled material name is often preceded with the letter 'r' to show that it is recycled however this is not always the case.