SOLUBLE Filament


Soluble 3D printing filaments are a family of 3D filaments that can be easily dissolved. Whilst most plastics can be dissolved, many require the use of hazardous solvents like Benzene Sulfonic Acid. Soluble filaments can be dissolved using common, much safer solvents. Soluble filaments are essentially the opposite of Solvent Resistant filaments;

Some soluble filament types are water-soluble, such as PVA, whilst others are dissolved in limonene solution, for example HIPS. These solvents are safe and often do not have any effect on other plastics. For this reason, dissolvable filaments are regularly used in dual nozzle 3D printing where they are used as support structures that can be simply removed by soaking the final product in the appropriate solvent. This allows printing of much more complex designs and negates the need for mechanical support removal that may damage the final product.

As many soluble filaments are water soluble it is important to ensure that the filament is correctly stored as it will be damaged by water in the air. Check out our blog article on how to store your 3D printing filament.

As there is such a wide variety of soluble 3D printing filaments, it is always best to check the Technical Data Sheet for print settings and dissolving instructions.